2012 Solar & Green Building Tour Information

Here is how the tour works.

Go to the Energy Sage website – http://energysage.com/projects/nesea-gboh-listing.

You can browse all the WNY sites that will be open on October 13th. You can search via zip code or type of green feature and even look at photos and information on each one.

Important – there is no bus, no sign up to attend and no official tour route. We just have the houses open for you, so you can see what you are interested in! Use Energy Sage to pick the ones you want to see and go at your own pace. Enjoy!

Note: we will provide a list of the sites, for people who want them all on one page. We will provide that to you approx 1 week before the tour.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

10am – 4pm

Free, Self Guided & Open to the Public

Kickoff Awards Ceremony – 9:30am at Hispanics United!

For tour information go here: http://energysage.com/projects/nesea-gboh-listing

Contact us at wnysea@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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