2012 Tour Sites – The Final List!

The final list is done!!

You can choose any one of these sites and see it tomorrow from 10am – 4pm, (unless noted differently) for FREE! The final list will be available in print at our kickoff awards ceremony tomorrow morning at 9:30 am at Hispanics United of Buffalo – 254 Virginia St in Buffalo, NY. Please note – the last minute add ons are on the last page.

Download it here, print and go!

FINAL Solar & Green Building Tour List – Friday, October 12.

For more information online about the sites – Go to www.energysage.com  – you can search using your zip code to find the sites nearest to you!

If you have any questions, contact berniceradle@gmail.com

Thank you to our supporters, sponsors and friends for taking part in this wonderful annual event. We appreciate all of your time and efforts!

See you tomorrow!!



Highlighting A Regional Solar Asset: Montante Solar & The Riverview Solar Technology Park

Montante Solar is the brain company behind the innovative Riverview Solar Technology Park in Tonawanda. If you haven’t been there, check it out on Saturday! The Montante guys are bringing a new business model to the solar industry in WNY and proving it to be a success.

WNYSEA encourages you to check it out on Saturday, October 13th. Here is the link to their energy sage account. http://energysage.com/projects/riverview-solar-technology-park

Below is a Q&A about Montante Solar and an “about me”.


Montante Solar is a Buffalo based installer of solar energy systems on homes and businesses.  As a NYSERDA and NABCEP certified solar installer, Montante Solar specializes in the design, construction, and commissioning of solar energy systems throughout New York State.  Founded in 2009, Montante Solar is the undertaking of brothers, Daniel and Matthew Montante, from within the TM Montante Development organization.  Montante Solar is the exclusive solar installer for Riverview Solar Technology Park in Tonawanda, NY. (new Logo attached)

For more information, Contact Sandra Lister at SLister@TMMontante.com or 716-876-8899


Riverview Solar Technology Park is New York’s first Solar Ready commerce park, where commercial real estate development blends seamlessly with solar technology!

  • Demonstrates that RSTP can provide value and clean solar power to consumers of electricity at no additional cost
  • Demonstrates the architecturally aesthetic appeal of commercial solar
  • Demonstrates that solar acts as a direct business development tool (example: Unifrax made their final decision to come to RSTP based on the 100kW solar array provided)

Q: How much energy are you currently offsetting with solar in RSTP?

A: Enough energy to power about 30 homes.  This is the equivalent of taking 535 cars off the road, OR Not importing 6,300 barrels of oil, OR planting 580 acres of forest!

Q: What are your future solar plans for RSTP?

A: We will dedicate underutilized land banks to large scale solar to accommodate current & future tenants

Q: What do you say to people that don’t think Solar can work in Buffalo? / What about all the snow in Buffalo?

A: Solar works in Buffalo BECAUSE of the cold weather.  (data centers locate here because cold plays well with technology)

We get more average annual sun hours here in Buffalo than in Germany – the world’s largest end market for solar.

For more information, Contact Sandra Lister at SLister@TMMontante.com or 716-876-8899

Sponsor Highlight of the Day: BUFFALO ENERGY

We wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU to our sponsors.

Today we are featuring BUFFALO ENERGY. Without their support, Bernice Radle (co – chair of 2012 tour) would not be able to dedicate so much time towards this event. Buffalo Energy is a leader in the energy efficiency world and assists in making new and existing buildings more efficient through design, consulting and access to incentives.

About Buffalo Energy

Buffalo Energy is a full-service energy consulting and building performance contractor. We provide energy assessments and perform weatherization upgrades for all types of existing buildings.

Whether a retrofit, gut-rehab or ground-up new construction project, we help owners of residential and commercial buildings create energy efficient, comfortable, and durable structures.

We offer a common-sense approach to all of our projects. Our goal is to ensure that retrofit work is cost-effective, good for the building, and maximizes energy savings.

Buffalo Energy is staffed by seasoned building performance and construction specialists. Our firm has:

  • Worked with eight different residential efficiency programs in four states, including five multifamily programs;

  • Performed energy assessments, developed reduction plans, and implemented comprehensive energy saving work scopes; and

  • General contracted single and multi-family energy retrofit projects.

Buffalo Energy is accredited by the Building Performance Institute, the nation’s premier building performance credentialing, quality assurance and standards setting organization.


The Good Neighborhood Features The Solar & Green Building Tour!

Thank you to our friends at The Good Neighborhood for featuring the October 13th Solar & Green Building Tour!

Bernice Radle, Co-Chair of the 2012 tour tells readers why the tour is informative, fun and a MUST ATTEND event.

Check the blog post out here: http://www.thegoodneighborhood.com/2012/10/03/bernice-buffalove-wny-solar-and-green-building-tour-hits-next-week/

2012 Tour Official Press Release

Buffalorising Features City Tour Sites!

We are pleased to partner with Buffalorising this year for the October 13th, Solar & Green Building Tour! Buffalorising is featuring a daily post about our city sites. We are thrilled to have their support in pushing the sustainability bar in WNY. Thank you!

Here is the latest one on the NFTA Living Roof Bus Shelter. It is SO Cool. We hope you go and see it on Saturday, October 13, 2012. The living roof was commissioned by the NFTA and completed by our friends at Eco Logic Studios (AKA – Kevin Connors, architect) and David Lanfair, the mastermind of Bale on Bale construction in WNY. This is a very visible and forward thinking project. We are very happy to have it on the list this year.

See you on October 13th! 10am – 4pm. Free. No Registration Required. YOU pick the sites you want to see. www.energysage.com - for the complete list.

2012 Tour Posters

We have created two tour posters for the 2012 Solar & Green Building Tour.

One has lots of info, the other with minimal info. If you would like to put posters up in your area, let us know – we can send you the file for printing! Email us @ wnysea@gmail.com. Lastly, the official facebook event is here. Sign up!

Sign Up Your Green Building for the Tour!

The WNY Sustainable Energy Association (WNYSEA) is preparing for the annual Solar & Green Building Open House  tour, which is slated for Saturday, October 13th, 2012. The organization is currently looking for homes and other buildings to be on the tour, so if you own a building that has some environmentally friendly, “green” features consider showing it off for the tour. By signing up to be a tour site, you have the ability to educate interested people about your green features. WNYSEA is looking for solar, geothermal, green building, energy efficiency, LEED, green roofs, passive solar, net zero, bale on bale construction and more. For more information and to sign up, click the link here.

About the tour: The self-guided tour is free and open to the public from 10am to 4pm on 10/13/12. Once all the buildings and sites have been identified, WNYSEA will compile a list of addresses and make the information available to the public. There is no sign up to attend the tour, you go at your own pace and see what you want to see. This way if there is a specific place or element you are most interested in, you can be sure to see it.

Green Building Open House is a tour across the Northeast that is promoted by the parent organization, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NSEA) and happens for one day only. It’s all about education and getting the experience from accomplished building owners so that more people can integrate similar features in their own buildings.

Last year there were forty-five sites across Erie and Niagara Counties, which was the largest tour in New York State. For more information email wnysea@gmail.com or go to www.wnysea.com.